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Kiran Malik

Pakistani Fashion Model Kiran Malik is another dazzling beauty in Pakistani Fashion Industry.

Fashion model, Kiran Malik has worked with renowned Fashion makeup artists and photographers in a short period of time and has touched the peak of success and fame.

Juggan Kazim

Juggan Kazim is an extremely talented Canadian and Pakistani actress.
model and television host. Known for her incredibly flawless performance in Pakistani drama serials, Juggan Kazim was born in March 22, 1981.

She has also worked in several Canadian film scenes.
In Pakistan she started her career with hosting and modeling. She is popular for her eccentric English accent plus she also has a nice grip over Urdu.
In addition to that, Juggan Kazim was nominated for MTV Model of the year 2008, but this ravishing beauty with innocent facial features wants to be known as an actress as her real passion is acting not modeling.
This gorgeous Pakistani beauty did fashion shoots for renowned fashion photographers and has modeled for many fashion magazines.
 Her arresting facial features & body makes the magazine cover catchier.

Jiya Ali

In 1991, Jia Ali achieved international acclaim, after her 'Wrangler' commercial. Subsequent to that, Gia walked down the ramp in her very graceful catwalk for the first time and was soon noticed by big names in the respective field. While, she was in Islamabad, it is there that Nabila noticed Jia Ali and introduced her to famous producer Sajjad Gul, who infact, without a second notice, signed her for his movie.

Jia earned huge success from he debut appearance. And that started out with a series of acts in numerous movies which took her to heights of success.

Jia Ali, who started off as a model, personally, worships modeling more than movies. That can be considered the reason why she is frequently seen moving from Lahore to Karachi for various modeling assignments.

Iraj Manzoor

Fashion model Iraj Manzoor entered in the Pakistani Fashion industry and has started his career as a Fashion model when there were only a few models. Fashion model Iraj worked very hard and with the passage of time gained immense fame. Due to her dedication and commitment with the work, Fashion model Iraj Manzoor is now recognized as amongst the top Pakistani Fashion models, both at national and international level. Fashion model Iraj is still working day and night to maintain her high profile status in the Pakistani Fashion industry.

Other than ideal model’s figure and guts, Fashion model Iraj Manzoor has got extraordinary photogenic face; which makes Fashion model Iraj Manzoor a perfect one, to walk on ramp as well as in giving shoots. Fashion model Iraj Manzoor has graced the covers of numerous Fashion magazines. Fashion model Iraj Manzoor also has the honor and experience to work with many Pakistani Fashion designers, stylists, Photographers and other models. Fashion model Iraj Manzoor knows the art of representing designer’s work in an elegant way. Fashion model Iraj Manzoor has an admiration to represent the Fashion statement of the country internationally. Fashion model Iraj Manzoor worked in some commercials videos too. Fashion model Iraj Manzoor has a strong and dominating personality, which is a source of inspiration for the new comers.

Maham Nizami

The name Maham Nizami is very popular fashion designer in the Pakistani fashion industry because of her very hard work and also because of her charming features. Nowadays she has made her best place among all the top class models of Pakistani fashion industry. Actually the fashion model Maham Nizami is the youngest model in Pakistani fashion industry.
She is considered in the list of those fashion models that are very energetic in Pakistani fashion industry. She has also worked with many different photographers and makeup that are very popular in Pakistani fashion industry.
She got fame in very short period of time and has the honor to work as model in Hot Karma Collection and was a collection that looks more sensational on Maham Nizami because of her very attractive face.

Actually the fashion model named Maham Nizami is beautiful Pakistani lady in the Pakistani fashion industry. She is also the ultimate modern type women that represent all the best colors of Pakistan in other countries with the help of her sweetness and grace.
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