Lady Hiring Boyfriend On Rent

Some women are renting boyfriends in China for the Chinese New Year celebration. They are doing this for avoiding pressure of being single at the mega celebration where everyone enjoys with their partners. Similarly, here is woman describing her search and story for a rental boyfriend. She wants to rent a boyfriend to take her parents home for the Chinese New Year.
She search on the internet and says so many options are there. If I am lucky, I will find someone that is not so weird. Li Chenxi doesn’t want to be labeled a sheng nu or a leftover woman because she is 27 and still she is a single. Sheng nu is not a positive word. In Chinese society, it is just feels like someone has been abandoned. Some girl has been abandoned. Obviously it is not a good feeling of being abandoned. A fake rental boyfriend costs about $150 a day, with extra charges for a kiss on the cheeks or for a cuddle. 
She call a person for the job and talk about him and she asked him, are you seriously thinking about this? I am afraid my mom will keep pushing me to get married. So I will bring someone, whoever he is, to calm her down. She starts planning with her rental boyfriend about the meeting with her family with him. She asks him how old are you? He said he is 24 years old. She said I am 27 years old and asked him that he would tell her parents that he is 27 and he agreed. Then she said since we have dated for such a long time, why have I not told my mom about you? Can we say it is because you are becoming more mature? So I decided to tell her now and he agreed and says yes we could say that.
Finally Chenxi decided to take her rental boyfriend Sean, to her home. But still she is worried her mom won’t believe the lie. Her mother believed on lie but she says Sean is not good for her as he is too young and not looking a reliable and Chenxi returned to Beijing with bad feeling of lying to her parents.

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