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Shine your bags

Trends change often, which is why, it’s so fun with trends. Trends change to surprise you, trends give you a reason to even experiment. Trends Feed our fundamental need for change. Bags are an important trend target.

Watch your watch

People who wear fashionable watches can also wear them because they like the watch itself.

Amina Shafaat

Pakistani fashion model named Amina Shafaat has entered the Pakistani fashion industry accidentally.
Actually the fashion photographer Khawar Riaz firstly seen her in a party and offer her to do modeling but she refused. After sometime she took permission from her family and started modeling.
She was more famous after Faakhir’s song Dilruba in which she performed as a model. The model Amina Shafaat always thought that Dilruba song has made her career brighter.

Amina Sheikh

Pakistani fashion model Amina Sheikh is the most talented Pakistani model that did so many things in the fashion industry in very short time period.
The model Amina has also worked in many dramas and also worked in many long plays and also has done ramps for some big Pakistani fashion designers.


The best Pakistani fashion model Mekaal is the heart of Pakistani fashion industry.
Actually he is British model but he joined Pakistani fashion industry as a model and actor.
He was born in England in the beautiful city London and was born to a Pakistani father but her mother was English. In the year 2000 he entered the Pakistani fashion industry as model but he got much popularity as actor.

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