Underwater Restaurant

Would you like to dine underwater? This is an underwater restaurant. The Pearl lies 16 feet below the surface of swimming pool of Brussels. You can sip champagne while eating lobster and foie gras just for $100 per person. The food is delivered in waterproof briefcase by waiters who are professional divers.
Pearl Restaurant creator – John Beernaerts says, the sphere, it is a bit like going back to a fatal state like in cocoon. A visitor – Nicolas Mouchart came for the dinner at the Pearl Restaurant with his partner, he says, the two of us are like a couple of fish. We love being in the water. I think that what’s really cool is the fact that it’s unique. It is a dinner we will remember for the rest of our lives.
It is because everyone wants to eat trapped underwater specifically in a swimming pool, all wet, in a bikini, just after fresh from swimming. This would make more enjoyable and adventurous if it was in a lagoon in the Pacific Ocean, or it was suspended from a ship in Open Ocean where there's always a chance of the cable breaking or the waiters being taken out by a shark. A swimming pool sounds like a good but sea or ocean is awesome.
There is another thing is not good in indoor underwater in a swimming pool, that is chlorine gas smell which is usually used to clean the water of indoor pools and have to bear by swimmers. For those who grow up as competitive swimmer indoor are not really attractive because these pools have toxic clouds of chlorine gas.

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