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You Charge Your Phone With Wrong Way

iPhone 8 Amazing Features

10th anniversary
 Prototypes for iPhone
 Higher resolution
 Wireless charging
 Rid home button & taptic panel 

A Hidden Truth behind World Trade Center Incident

The incident was one of the major incidents in the history of the world. The incidents changed the whole economy and the peace condition of the whole world. It can also be said that this incident infected the whole world.  If we remember, then we come to know that this was the attack of two planes on the world trade center of the America. These planes hit the two buildings and these buildings went down due to this attack. The incident has become controversial till the time due to so many reasons.
There was a team of engineers, who stated that this incident was also planned by the Government of America. These engineers were the planners of the map and design of these buildings. They said that these buildings were designed in such a manner that they could bear any harm. These buildings were specially designed for incidents of fire and earthquake. If the planes hit the building, then there must be some loss but only at the infected area. After this incident, it happened that these two buildings and the one more building, which was standing behind them, were went down to the ground.
The team of engineers concluded in their report about this incident that these buildings did not go down to the ground due to plan attacks. These buildings went down due to the planted bombs in the buildings. They have clarified the truth that the reason of the destruction was the bombs and these bombs were planted in the specific areas of the buildings. The plantation of the bombs in the building in this incident was the part of the planning and the government of America did this to achieve its black goals. The group of engineers also identified the points of destructions in the buildings.

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Most Beautiful Girls In WWE Who Burning The Ring 2016

Stephanie McMahon
 Alexa Bliss
 Renee Young
 Sasha Banks 

Your Favorite Celebrities Fails Selfie

Brooklyn Decker 
 Kim Kardashian 
 Miley Cyrus 
 Katy Perry
 Chris Brown 
 Nicholas Cage

Your Favorite Celebrities Most Embarrassing Moments

Britney Spears Bald Head 
 Angelina Jolie 
 Fergie Psiied Live Herself
 Christina Aguilera 

Tiger and Disha, really in love

The love affair of newly Bollywood couple has become the gossip of the town. They are being seen by many people at many places now a day. They are seen at restaurants, movies airports. The have also worked together in the movie Befikra, which is a very important movie for the career of both. Tiger has also given two famous movies and having the eyes of Bollywood town for the hero of the future. They have also spent their vacations together but they have kept it as secret. In this video, two pictures are shown. In these pictures, it can be seen very clearly that they are walking in a home. Pictures are separate but it is clear that the background of the pictures is same.
Most of the people are talking about the love affair of a newly entered couple in the Bollywood. This is not the first love affair of the Bollywood town, but it has passed a big time. Before this couple, the very famous couple of Ranbeer Kapoor and Qatreena Kaif also have passed a big time with one another. It was also a very famous couple of Bollywood town.
Tiger and Disha did not confess about their love affair clearly. Tiger was asked about it but he exposed them just like a good friend. But his words were not with him. When the Disha was asked about their love, she also did not declare her love for him clearly. His words were clearly telling that she is only seeing one man. She was talking about walking with him, dancing with him. These all things were fascinating her about him. They said that they are very comfortable with each other and they are happy to live with one another.

When Tiger was asked about that they are often seen together. Are you in love with each other? Tiger replied in an affirmative style that they like to spend time together.

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Your Favorite Celebrities Who Love With Own Bodyguards

Kim Kardashian
 Scarlett Johansson
 Heidi Klum

Your Favorite Celebrities Who Love Tight Jeans

Maria Menounos
 Sofia Vergara
 Nicki Minaj

The confession of Tiger and Disha about their love

A rumor is taking place in the Bollywood about the friendship of Tiger and Disha. Tiger is the son of famous Bollywood actor Jacky Shroff. He has entered in the Bollywood and gave two super hit movies.  He is becoming a super hit hero for the future of the Bollywood. As it happens with the every new hero of the Bollywood in the start of his career, same is happening with the Tiger Shroff. He has been seeing now a day with the Disha Patani. This gossip has become the talk of town.
Two pictures of Tiger and Disha have become viral on the social media. In these pictures, it can be clearly seen that the background of the video is same. It is also said about them that both were enjoy their holidays together. When the media talked to the Tiger about these pictures, he said that they are happy with each other. They are feeling comfortable with each other. It is also rumored that they have spent some days together. These are the pictures of those days. As the background of these pictures is looking same, that’s why the Bollywood town is talking about them.
It has been passed a long time about the love affair of Tiger and Disha. They have been seen most of the time together. They have been seen by many people in restaurants, airports and cinemas. None of them confess their love in front of media and they are not ready to expose anything about it. But for how long they can hide their love from the media.  Tiger and Disha are also coming together in the new movie Befikra. They also give some statements about their love or friendship. They did not clearly expose it but everybody is now aware about it. According to them, it is a kick of love. 

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Aishwarya Rai in Mushkil due to ae dil hai Mushkil

Karan Johar’s upcoming movie ae dil hai mushkil is creating some controversy for the Aishwarya rai. She is going to appear in this movie while doing some romantic scenes with Ranbir Kapoor. This is a very important movie for the career of the Aishwarya Rai. This film is going to release on 28 October 2016. This film is produced and directed by the Karan Johar. He is also very hopeful for the success of this movie. The leading roles of this movie are played by the Aishwarya Rai, Anushka Sharma, Fawad Khan and Ranbir Kapoor.
The Fawad khan is a very talented actor came from Pakistan. He has proved his abilities in the Bollywood. He has gotten great fame over here. It is also said the Kajol and Lisa Haydon are also appearing in this movie as in very short scenes. Aishwarya and Ranbeer are playing the major roles as a Heroine and Hero respectively. Karan Johar is coming as a director after the gap of three years. During this time, he did not direct any movie due to some official matters. He is very hopeful for the success of the movie and bringing a very different story for the people of the India.

The controversy of Aishwarya is not going to happen, according to the critics of the Bollywood. The bold scenes of Aishwarya and Ranbeer are creating some mess between these two professional families of the Bollywood. They are going to handle it. The husband of the Aishwarya rai is looking very happy and excited for the career of his wife. He is always giving him thumbs up for her professional film career. The main thing of this movie is that the Aishwarya is doing first time these scenes with Ranbir Kapoor. Aishwarya is also first time appearing in this cast. She is also very hopeful for the success of the movie.

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Beautiful Eyes Sure To Mesmerize You

Her eyes mesmerize you.
 Amazing & miracle eyes.

iPhone Mind-Blowing Secrets You Did Not Know

Evolution of Apple logo.
 iPhone cost twice while buying from Brazil.  
Nobody knows that Apple launched iland line phone in 1983. 

Women Earn 125 Pound Per Hour For Amazing Reason

Tiffany Wright Became Undercover Bride For Money.
 Tiffany Help Brides To Chose Prefect Choice.
 Tiffany Offer Brides To Help All Problems.

Amazing Click Of San Francisco, Colorado & Alaska

Beautiful Click Alaska.
 Awesome Click San Francisco. 
 Colorado Click.

Kapoor and Bachchan family controversy.

Karan Johar’s upcoming movie “ae dil hai mushkil” is on the way, but it has become a controversy before its release. The controversy of this movie is those intimate scenes, which were made on the romance of Aishwarya Rai and Ranbeer Kapoor. These scenes have been created a mess between these two families. The controversy, raised by the family of Aishwarya Rai was discussed with Karan Johar. Time will tell that what is going to happen at the end. They have requested Karan Johar to delete these intimate scenes from this movie before its release.
This movie ae dil hai mushkil is a story of a love triangle. Ranbeer is making romance in this movie with two ladies, Aishwarya Rai and Anushka Sharma. It is also said that both of the families are very professional in the Bollywood and they know very well about the career of their Bahu Aishwarya Rai. According to the critics of the Bollywood, they will surely handle this controversy and do not let happen anything. It is not going to appear the first time when the Aishwarya Rai is doing such romance scenes with any hero of the movie.
This controversy was also appearing before the release of the movie Dhoom 2. In this movie, the Aishwarya Rai was also doing such romance scenes with Hrithik Roshan. This controversy was also than handled by the family of Aishwarya Rai. This movie is very important for the carrier of the Aishwarya Rai. Ranbeer Kapoor is a very young actor and he has a very vast film career in front of him. But Aishwarya Rai has seen the peak of her film career. So this movie is going to be very important for the Aishwarya Rai especially. The important thing here to note is that the Abhishek Bachchan has given thumbs up for the best film career ahead.

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What could it be, a miracle or anything else

A miracle happened in the world, Allah almighty wants to show its creature its presence. It is his mercy that he tells us with the miracles. These miracles are the sign of the existence of Allah Almighty. We must think about these types of things. Allah is very merciful on us. This is his one of the best qualities that he tells us about him time to time. We must think about him and should always thanks to him for his blessings. These are all His blessings that we are living in this world with peace and calm.
When we talk about the miracle, a video is becoming viral on the internet. This video is made in the desert. It can be seen in this video that people are gathered around a hole in the earth. The water is coming out from that point with a great pressure. The pressure of the water is so fast that it is taking the stones with it in the air. Very heavy stones were thrown by the people and it can be seen very clearly that these all are going in the air with the water.

With this point, the pressure of the water can be observed. This is the miracle of Allah Almighty which is shown in this video. It is showing that Allah has controls over everything in this world. The things are not in our control but they are in control of Allah. We do not have the power to control these things. These are very small things. Through miracle, Allah tells us that you must think that I have the power to control anything in this universe. This universe is also a miracle. We can say that if Allah can do this miracle, then He has the control over anything in this universe. 

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Unbelievable Car Crush Test In High Speed

When you drive car at high speed.
 What happen when your car crush at 120miles/hour.
 In Russia car crush test at 120miles/hour.

Strongest Throw of Water in the World

It can be seen very clearly in this video that the water is coming out of the hole with a great pressure. This pressure of the water is very fast and it is impossible to hold this water. It was the area of the desert in UAE. The people were working here on the exploration of oil. When they saw a big gap at a certain point in the earth, the engineers tried to search out the point but they were failed to find out the source of this hole. When they started digging the hole, the water started to come out with a very low pressure.
With the passage of time, the water of the hole started increasing its pressure. In a very short time, it has increased its speed that it was touching the sky. They were all astonished to see the pressure of the water. They were also very surprised there why the pressure of the water is so fast over here. They all were unable to find the reason of it. Some of them tried to throw a stone in the water to judge its speed, but they were surprised to see that the stones were also going in the air with the water.

It is not very easy for the water to bring the heavy stones in the air with it. But it was happening here. They were unable to judge the pressure of the water. It can be seen very clearly in the video that the water is so high that it is touching the sky. After going so high in the air, it is changing its direction. The change of the direction was due to air. As the air was flowing very fast in that area, so it was changing the direction of the water.

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Just Upgrade Your Phone Or Whatsapp May Not Be Available At The End Of 2016

By the end of 2016 chat messages app will not be available on out dated mobile phones, whatsapp announced.

The smartphones using the following versions will not be able to support the whatsapp after 2016.
Android 2.1 & 2.2
Windows phone 7
iPhone: 3GS/ iOS 6
Blackberry 10 running on BBOS
Nokia S40 running on Symbian S60.

If you want to continue using whatsapp make you decision wisely. 

Hollywood Best Movies Actors & Actresses For 2016

Scarlett Johansson best acted ever in Hollywood high rated movie Lucy.
 Vin Diesel awesome acting in Fast 7.
 Robert Downey Jr performed in The Judge movie.
 Best Hollywood girl Jennifer Lawrence.

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