A Great Drama of the history of Pakistan

This video is about the great drama of the history. It was a tribute to the great heroes of the Pakistan Armed forces. These three officers of the Pakistan armed forces were batch mates. They joined the Pakistan army and got training in the army training center. In this drama, they are shown that how they passed their whole training and initial life before starting their professional career. One of the most beautiful and charming characters of this drama was the Shehnaz. Three officers were fall in love with this charming girl.
This was one of the most remember able dramas of the Pakistan history. People will never forget it. The meetings of these officers with Shehnaz separately were also a great moment in this whole drama. We never saw the character of the Shehnaz again in the whole drama history of Pakistan. People will also never forget the scene when Gulsher was speaking Pashto with the waiter of the mess. He was asking about the delicious food for the waiter. But the amazing thing was that the commandant understood their language. He never said any single words to them.
The most amazing and enticing thing of this drama was the characters of the army officers. In the first time in drama history of the Pakistan, it was shown that the army offices have also emotions. They are acting with emotions. Before this time, they were only shown like the status. They only know how to obey the order. This change made this drama a masterpiece in the world of art. Kashif, who faced the trauma after the war, was also great. It was one of the emotional scenes of this drama. The main thing of this drama was that it was very hard to find a single fault of this drama. 

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