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Mehreen Syed

The best Pakistani fashion model Mehreen Syed is basically the daughter of widowed mother who was a layer and raised her daughter.
Mehreen Syed is the first Pakistani model who won the International Fashion Model of the year 2007 award.
She is the best model of Pakistani industry who has also won crowned as ‘Indigo-Sunday Face of the year 2007’ in the Lahore city.
In the year 2000 this Pakistani fashion model has entered the Pakistani fashion industry and has gained much fame because of her best looks.

Mahreen Raheel

The Pakistani fashion model Mehreen Raheel is one of them and is the cutest, talented and also top class model in the Pakistani fashion industry. Basically she belongs to the city of Lahore and also started her career from Lahore.
Actually the name Mehreen Syed is artist from born and also a fashion lady. Actually the model Mehreen Raheel is the daughter of T.V actress Simi Raheel which is a social activist and is working in the well known NGO.

The very hard working model Mehreen was having a big touch of the styles and fashion when she was so young. She was student of Lahore School of Arts & Science and also was the best student of Lahore Grammar School.
Pakistani fashion model Mehreen has secured diploma in drama, dancing and also in script writing from the city London. Actually she is not only a fashion model but has many different types of skills that is the reason she has worked in many T.V dramas, commercials, fashion shoots and Music Videos and also in advertisements of many different jewelry and outfits and many more.

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